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Spongebobs and Patricks

Does anyone remember that Spongebob Squarepants episode, where Spongebob and Patrick ended up in a WWE wrestling style match because Spongebob called Patrick pink, and Patrick called Spongebob yellow? Well I’m watching it now. And as simple as these cartoons seem BOY are they digging deep. Why do we (and I say we because I am guilty of it too) get mad because people point us out as we are?

Many women get mad because they’re pointed out as emotional creatures. Then they proceed to throw a tantrum as to why that’s not fair and they shouldn’t be categorized (the irony huh)? Or men get mad because women point out how immature they can be. If the shoe fits, wear it! No, it is not fair that an entire group of people get categorized as one thing. But sometimes you really do have to take an honest look at yourself and say, “Maybe I really don’t listen to other people’s opinion” or “maybe I really should be a little more patient”.  This very way of thinking has saved me from some arguments as well as gotten me into some as well. Many people don’t like being told to look in the mirror, but it is definitely necessary.

People in our generation are so quick to point out everyone else’s flaws, that it actually catches me off guard to hear someone say “I’m Sorry”. While pointing the finger, you have no time for your own self discovery. My point is. if you are pink, then don’t be mad when someone calls you pink. And if you’re yellow, don’t deny it. We are what we are (even the negative things), if we acknowledge it, and embrace it, we can work with it and/or around it. Not ignore and deny it.