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“So, What Are We?” Things Girls Say

I have a problem with relationships today. I don’t understand them… all. And I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have understood them 20 years ago either but it seems like they were better off then than they are now. In today’s society, the first issue is that we expect things and have standards that us ourselves don’t even meet. You want someone who hasn’t had X amount of partners however you yourself have had 30. You want someone with a steady job yet you don’t have one yourself. You want someone with morals and values yet you yourself have none. I don’t understand how that’s fair and how you can even meet someone you are truly compatible with if you don’t even meet your own standards. We must be realistic in our pursuit of happiness. Know what you’re actually worth.

Now say you’re at the point in your “courtship” where you realize this may be someone that you want to pursue something with. The next step is to of course make them your “girlfriend/boyfriend” right? WRONG! According to my peers, taking things to the next level of your relationship can totally screw everything up. You two like each other so much, that to actually claim that person as your significant other would totally and utterly ruin what you have. Does the logic in this really make sense? or is this an excuse? I believe that in today’s society we put so much pressure on relationships to the point where we completely dodge the possibility of it and live in the mind set of “ignorance is bliss”. “If we subconsciously fool ourselves into thinking we’re not together, but actually be together, we’ll be successful”.. -_-…..okay.

Well, if that’s what we’re going to roll with, what the hell are we leading up to? I refuse to be your untitled girlfriend. Next thing you know we’ll have a 12 year old child and still say we’re just “talking”.

Ultimately, I think that our generation has intimacy,trust,and commitment issues. We’ve seen movies, heard songs, and listened to our friends and family talk about their heartaches so much, we let them into our own lives and act like they happened to us. I refuse to not have a happy and have a healthy relationship because I am always checking over my friends shoulder and she’s checking over mine. Maybe you can’t actually fully trust someone. But if that’s the case, can you ever really love someone? When do you stop being a skeptic and just live your life. What happens will happen and YOU WILL LIVE. But when “not putting anything past anyone” turns into an excuse to do what you want, we’re starting a horrific cycle over again.

All in all, NO relationship is perfect. And I’m definitely no expert but I’m not scared to try it out. I’m not scared of my feelings being hurt because at the end of the day, when it’s worth it, its really worth it. If your interested in someone tell them, because playing games get old.Quick. We have to grow up eventually and being a young “player” turns into you being a creep even quicker. I’m rambling again but you get my point.


NFL- kNowledge Females Lack

Today, in addition to being the 10th anniversary of 9/11 was also opening day for the NFL. I LOVE football season, you can literally smell the pigskin in the air. Or maybe I love the things that come with it including the weather, the food, tailgates, and I definitely love the games (especially if it is a team that I truly love).

Growing up in a football family, both of my brothers have played football since they were 4 and I have been a team mom’s assistant since I was about 10. However I just recently came to the realization that in spite of the number of games and practices that I attended, I have never actually bothered to learn the ins and outs of the game.

So I have made this seasons goal to actually learn what all the men are talking about. I no longer want to contribute to the countless number of women yelling at the team that their boyfriend likes or asking questions after every play. So far, I have managed to learn the majority of positions on the field and now I am working on being able to keep up with the game without getting lost.

You have to remember, most men have been doing this their whole lives and I really feel like its similar to learning another language…..I WILL get there. Bare with me people.

I say all that to say this, women….let’s get it together and know what we’re talking about so we can form our own opinions. Either way whether I know the terms or I don’t…I’m still Team Eagles!