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She’s Thankful For……..??

It’s 1 am on Thanksgiving morning and although it is cliché, I really AM thankful. One of my favorite sayings is “Any day above ground is a good one”, because it holds so much more truth than we could even imagine. I find myself trying to let go of petty things and not let certain things annoy me because (and maybe this comes with age and maturity) LITERALLY, it is never guaranteed for you to wake up. So although this holiday may be based on some ( dismissive mumbles) *ahem* I will say that it does make me reflect. I am thankful for my family, my friends, my boyfriend, the opportunity to have another chance to get life right. And yes, it is very corny, but it is also truth. So maybe from this day on out I need to make my appreciation for life and people more known because today is not the only day to do so, and maybe Black Friday I’ll be back to complaining about how much life sucks. But I will try to focus on the positives and not the negatives. Well….that’s all I got lol so HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! 🙂