Who is Troy Davis?

Today my twitter flooded with trending topics #TroyDavis and #WhoisTroyDavis ??  It’s now 8 p.m. and I am sure if you didn’t know who he was before you know who he is now. However there are a few people I am sure still don’t know so here it is in short….Troy Davis is an African American man from Georgia who was convicted of killing a police officer in 1991. However through the years Davis has maintained his innocence. His trial showed no physical evidence that he committed the murder, there were also no weapon, DNA evidence, or surveillance. In his trial there were nine witnesses and since then 7 of them have changed their story or retracted their statements.

However his efforts and appeals continued to be denied all the way up until the day before his execution. He was supposed to be executed today at 7:10 p.m., however because of the NAACP and strong supporters rallying his execution was pushed back and the case was being reviewed again. This is the fourth time that has execution has been postponed. All for him to still end up being executed at 11:08 p.m.

This brings about many questions. How many times did they plan on doing this until they had an actual plan of action? Where are the witnesses who helped find him guilty?  Personally, I believe that the witnesses recanting their statements and there being no physical evidence is enough reason to AT THE VERY LEAST leave room for reasonable doubt. Aside from playing the race card which I feel has no place in this particular situation, I believe that this is to prove a point to people who kill police officers. I do wish that the family of the officer could find peace, but not in the way of just killing the closest person they could find.

On the other side however, this situation would be even worse if he were actually the murderer he was convicted for being. (Just playing devils advocate)…how would you feel about that?

What are your thoughts on the case and do you think they just postponed the case in order to please the public? I also am curious as to why everyone in our generation is just now hearing about this. As big as this case and event is, unfortunately the way we work things are relevant today and done tomorrow. Tell me what you guys think??


NFL- kNowledge Females Lack

Today, in addition to being the 10th anniversary of 9/11 was also opening day for the NFL. I LOVE football season, you can literally smell the pigskin in the air. Or maybe I love the things that come with it including the weather, the food, tailgates, and I definitely love the games (especially if it is a team that I truly love).

Growing up in a football family, both of my brothers have played football since they were 4 and I have been a team mom’s assistant since I was about 10. However I just recently came to the realization that in spite of the number of games and practices that I attended, I have never actually bothered to learn the ins and outs of the game.

So I have made this seasons goal to actually learn what all the men are talking about. I no longer want to contribute to the countless number of women yelling at the team that their boyfriend likes or asking questions after every play. So far, I have managed to learn the majority of positions on the field and now I am working on being able to keep up with the game without getting lost.

You have to remember, most men have been doing this their whole lives and I really feel like its similar to learning another language…..I WILL get there. Bare with me people.

I say all that to say this, women….let’s get it together and know what we’re talking about so we can form our own opinions. Either way whether I know the terms or I don’t…I’m still Team Eagles! 


The Disintegrating Art of Opinion

An opinion….”it’s like an a** hole, everyone has one” right? Over the past couple days I have been observing my twitter on a number of subjects and I have noticed that people really just need to hear themselves talk, or see their 140 characters on their TL for that matter….from the death of Amy Winehouse to other random topics…people just want to be heard (how can you have an aggressive opinion on saying “R.I.P.” by the way?), no matter how irrelevant or random their opinion.  This would not bother me if I felt as though everyone’s opinion was authentic and not just something they heard someone they think is cool say.

So let’s make what I think heard….

Unless you have analyzed a situation on your own and actually went through some sort of thought process, shut up…no one wants to hear your opinion if it is a carbon copy of what I have already heard one billion other people say in a variety of ways. There is only so much conformity I can take. If people actually took the time to think for themselves I am POSITIVE opinions would be valued a little more than what they are now….


Just another opinion

Fresh from Blogspot

Hello World Wide Web,

My name is Kiera Jenkins and I am fresh from Blogspot and my blog entitled, “PRdontheinterruption.blogspot.com”.  For my first post a quick introduction will do. My name is Kiera Jenkins or KJ and I am a sister, daughter, niece, girlfriend, PR major, and Nico’s mommy (My Yorkie)…Selectively Social is the description that I got from a coworker of people like myself who are friendly and outgoing but aren’t always the first to standout and speak up….I liked the name so here it is!! My posts will chronicle news, my thoughts, and things that I feel are going on socially that should be brought to attention…..with that being said, look out for me!!

With Love From a Brown Girl,