Why I’m Not Consistent….ahem..

So…….I’m not consistent with blogging…at all. However I am going to give it another shot. What I find so hard is that I don’t necessarily care about documenting a celebrities every move, album release, movie, or outfit. Like I could honestly care less for the most part. I enjoy writing about more relevant things to my life. However those end up sounding like rambles. Now I don’t even necessarily even know where this one is leading up to, however its a start, So…….s/o to consistency or my lack thereof. But I’m working on it. First blog back = First step 🙂 Thanks for reading



About selectivelysocial

My name is Kiera and I am a 24 year old Virginia Beach native currently in Charlotte, NC. Can't guarantee you'll agree but these are the thoughts of an outgoing introvert.

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