The Disintegrating Art of Opinion

An opinion….”it’s like an a** hole, everyone has one” right? Over the past couple days I have been observing my twitter on a number of subjects and I have noticed that people really just need to hear themselves talk, or see their 140 characters on their TL for that matter….from the death of Amy Winehouse to other random topics…people just want to be heard (how can you have an aggressive opinion on saying “R.I.P.” by the way?), no matter how irrelevant or random their opinion.  This would not bother me if I felt as though everyone’s opinion was authentic and not just something they heard someone they think is cool say.

So let’s make what I think heard….

Unless you have analyzed a situation on your own and actually went through some sort of thought process, shut up…no one wants to hear your opinion if it is a carbon copy of what I have already heard one billion other people say in a variety of ways. There is only so much conformity I can take. If people actually took the time to think for themselves I am POSITIVE opinions would be valued a little more than what they are now….


Just another opinion


About selectivelysocial

My name is Kiera and I am a 24 year old Virginia Beach native currently in Charlotte, NC. Can't guarantee you'll agree but these are the thoughts of an outgoing introvert.

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  1. Great job Kiera. This is sooooo true.

  2. Opinions are not valued anymore because people are easily persuaded by the next man. Nobody really thinks for themselves anymore and the ones that do are usually the “trendsetters,” because their idea is usually somewhat original…

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